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About Lashone Laundry

Lashone Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service is a professional company in Lagos Nigeria that provides a means for you to keep your garments and wears in the best shape. Over the past four years, we have been able to satisfy our customers with effective high quality laundry services using sophisticated and the best equipment to ensure that your garments of any fabric can be properly taken care of.

Our laundry and dry cleaning services understands the additional problem associated with personally taking care of your own laundries with work, meetings and family sometimes occupying a large chunk of our everyday lives, this is why our staff made up of experts in the field are dedicated to wash, dry clean and fold your clothes to suit your style and make your life easy.

Our Services

As a specialist in the industry, Lashone Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Service offer the following services at highly affordable prices with exceptional quality and speed.

Laundry and Dry cleaning

using the latest, safest, modern, and environmentally friendly equipment and process is handled by our friendly and professional staff.

Pick-up and delivery (Terms and Condition)

we offer home/office pick up & delivery service for the convenience of our customers.

Tailor alterations

Our specially trained and skilled tailors will render valuable advice on all aspects of alterations and repairs: waist reduction, zip replacement, shortening of lengths, turn-up, shortening/lengthening of sleeves, trousers, replacement of buttons & zips, waist adjustment and mending of seams, etc

Stains removal

we do our best to remove stain using various types of classified chemicals. These stains can be oils, glue, gum, rust, paint, grease, waxes, sugar, beverages, perfume, dye, perspiration stains, etc.

Professional pressing

we do press only for customers that do their laundry themselves and require the service of an expert for excellent finishing. We also offer bundle package services, this package enables our customers more especially families to bring their dirty clothes for cleaning and pay at the end of the month with a reasonable discount.

Bundle package

Express service


Opening your own dry cleaning business can be a wonderful and rewarding experience, providing you do it properly. Lashone Links Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Service can provide the expert assistance and training you need to get your business started. Also for existing ones who want to improve quality, we provide training for staff, equipping them with adequate knowledge and most modern technology which will, in turn, maximize profit in the long run.

Domestic cleaning

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  • +234 803 619 5313 , +234 903 577 4653


“Pay at the end of the month with reasonable discount”

We offer the best laundry services in the dry cleaning niche

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