Lashone Housing Cooperative


This is a house ownership actualization and investment society using the power of cooperative and thrift to assist individuals in achieving this dream.

  • To meet housing needs of members
  • To raise capital through shareholding by members in the society

Who can Join?

  • Corporate bodies, and/or Individuals of good character not less than 18 years of age who will engage in the activities and objectives of the cooperative.
  • Working class individuals/ organizations who desire house ownership through Rent-to-Own, lease or outright purchase.
  • About to retire class of people.

What We are Offering

Land Acquisition Scheme

  • Cooperatives members can acquire a land in any place of interest within Lashone estate when they save half of the value of the land
  • Cooperative will balance grant loan to balance the amount required.
  • Interest rate is a single digit.
  • The document will be kept in our custody till the loan is cleared.

Building Acqusition Scheme

  • To assist members to build houses on land already acquired within and outside Lashone Estate.
  • Members pay 50% of the total cost depending on the stage.
  • Members can collapse their monthly savings to apply for the loan to meet up with cost.

Rent to Own (RTO) Scheme

  • A cooperator can choose a building prototype available on offer in any of our estates across the country.
  • Pay initial sum of up to 30% of the estimated sales price of the building
  • This allows the cooperator to move into the house
  • Members continually pay rental over a period of years usually referred to as “TENOR” as stipulated in the contractual agreement.

Rent Scheme

  • Members save up to 6 months,
  • He/She can apply for two times of whatever they have saved for 6 months, with 2 guarantors within the cooperative society.

Let’s work together to getting you into your Dream Home

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