Lashone Communications

Media and Communication Company in Nigeria

Lashone Communications Limited is an integrated Media Communications Company in Lagos Nigeria.  Having on board some of the best hands in the industry, we have over the years honed specific skills with the ultimate hope of delivering world class media solutions to our clients.

  • We are poised to produce and broadcast television programmes of quality and integrity that recognize and challenge the intelligence and curiosity of our viewers
  • Provide community-oriented programmes that will enrich our local and international viewers
  • Give an alternative medium of communication to the government-controlled media in Nigeria
  • Improve sales of products and services through our advertorial program packages and video adverts

Visual Production

Documentaries, Music Videos, TV Commercials, Films, TV Shows

We are committed to creating a spectacular visual experience for our clients; individuals, corporate organization, government institution etc.

Audio Production

Lashone Studio offer clients clever, creative, integrated audio marketing solutions, audio commercial adverts, music production (Radio commercials to TV audio broadcast production) e.t.c.   With our production facility, we can take on any task including:

  • Live Sound Engineering
  • Broadcast Audio Production
  • Audio Music Production
  • Commercial Audio advert production
  • Production of Audio training materials for cooperate bodies
  • Audio Documentary Production
  • Marketing audio materials production

We are a dedicated team of engineers, music personnel and content generators all working to give the best audio values possible.   In addition, we have built relationships with many talented individuals and companies locally and internationally.

Audio Visual Production Equipment

Event Coverage

  • Weddings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Festivals
  • Awards
  • Concerts
  • Conferences
  • Product Launches

We can document your entire event, combining stylish quality video and sound to create a memory to last you a life time. We handle every aspect from preparation to production; setting up cameras, designing lighting and managing equipment to shooting and editing, delivering to you- clean- cut, creative, inspiring, mind blowing and detailed photographs and videos with high definition finishing and packaging.

Event Coverage – Gallery

Publication Newsletter

The print arm of Lashone Communication Limited offers the best as regards quality content generation for TV production, research and material sourcing, development of scripts for blogs, TV and Radio programs, screenwriting e.t.c

We have published numerous articles for publication in blogs, magazines and newsletters (online and print) and are currently delving into publishing of books including “The Heritage”, “spiritual dimensions to business”, “How to start and grow your business” amongst others.

We produce quarterly newsletters which carry update information about the Group.  We also intend to introduce of our Magazine ‘Business Avenue’ to the News stand all over Nigeria and its Neighboring countries.

Social Media

This Department of the Lashone Communications is responsible for developing and overseeing the execution of strategic social media and digital initiatives.  It develops and implements comprehensive marketing plan and activities on various platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Nairaland, Nigeria Property Centre etc.


We carry out the following:

  • Create, manage and implement viral email marketing campaigns.
  • Creating and supervising high-profile channel accounts
  • Expand and maintain customer email database
  • Write and distribute regularly scheduled online newsletters
  • Develop and implement marketing and advertising projects online
  • Track and analyze website and social media performance
  • Search engine optimization/search engine marketing (SEO/SEM)


Benefits of social media to Lashone Link Group of Companies include:

  • Build Trust & Relationships
  • Increase Exposure &Traffic
  • Build Brand Identity
  • Customer Service
  • Lead Generation
  • Improve Search Rankings

Below are some of the products we have launched and are evidence of our expertise

Real Estate Today (TV)

Real Estate Today (TV) is part of our initiative towards stimulating awareness and sensitizing the general public on issues bordering around Real Estate in Nigeria.  Currently aired on TVC, it is a Television talk show built around prevailing happenings within and around the core of Real Estate in Nigeria and how they affect each other.  With Real Estate Today, our objectives include but not limited to the following:


  • To create a forum of formal discourse and initiatives affecting Real Estate.
  • To showcase products and services which aligns with Real Estate
  • Enlightenment and communication of core issues of the Real Estate sector rising from legal , government and other regulatory systems
  • To redirect and guide lost attention and interest of the public towards Real Estate business, ownership etc.
  • To provide an avenue for formal involvement of government agencies and other stakeholders to deliberate on Real Estate matters.


Business Avenue is a 30-minute market driven programme created to bridge the gap between the producers/manufacturers or service providers and the end users, by focusing on selected products. This programme will cover different sectors of the economy and will include a short profile of the producer/manufacturer, the characteristics or benefit of the product being offered, price analysis, present consumers and customer’s feedback etc.


This programme is designed to promote the utilization of the indeginous equipment from FIIRO and how it works in comparison with the local process. The programme will feature all aspects of agripreneur from farming to product design, packaging and distribution and also serve as a platform for advertisers to showcase their products and services.

We cover several forms of Media Related Services and Content Creation