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About Lashone Business School

Lashone Business School is a certified Lagos based Institution that offers series of entrepreneurship programs aimed at providing budding entrepreneurs with high quality and  general management skills relevant to Nigeria business environment.

The business School had since graduated an appreciable number of students that are successfully running their own businesses.  The Business School also offers a wide spectrum of seminars addressing essential business issues for business leaders and managers.

School of Real Estate

The course provides a comprehensive explanation of best practices in Finance, Economics, Marketing, Feasibility Analysis, Accounting and Legal Principles as applied today in the real estate industry.

This will impact Modern Investment, Development and Management Skills to Developers and Investors in relation to real estate as an investment.

The course will also highlight critical issues on the demand side in a highly suppressed Nigerian real estate market, such as property valuation, financing, mandatory disclosures, risk management, staging and marketing.

School Of Real Estate Graduation 2015 – Gallery

Executive Entrepreneurship Training

The school offers courses that expose and builds individual basic knowledge on how to start up their own business, improve and finance a new business, marketing strategies, sales and risk management, administration and customer relationship.

It provides education relevant to Nigeria business environment which aims at improving the practice of entrepreneurship and employment in Nigeria. The pedagogical tools being used in the training complements our case-study method, lectures, discussion, group session and presentation.

We train staff in leadership training to help develop practical strategies for establishing, promoting and sustaining change in organizations. We seek to develop the mindset and skills require to leading effectively and getting immediate benefit in productivity which has helped in their level of customer satisfaction, analyzing business system, maintaining ethical and professional behavior, identifying risk and improving the standard of the organization and staff.

Executive Entrepreneurship Graduants 2015 – Gallery

Skill Acquisition Program

This was introduced to bridge the gap in helping Nigeria solve unemployment problems by proffering solutions through entrepreneurial skill development. It is aimed at helping participants develop their personal skills that would enable them achieve a measurable improvement and contribution in their respective organizations.

We recognize the untapped potentials in job seekers and we have decided to bridge the gap by raising qualified entrepreneurs that will contribute positively to the growth of our economy. We involve successful entrepreneurs of various skills to mentor, train and equip individuals on those skills.

Skill Acquisition Exhibitions & Graduation Ceremony – Gallery

Types of Training

  • Fashion
  • Make up
  • Beads and Accessories
  • Photography
  • Catering
  • Pastries and Drinks
  • Interior Design
  • Event Management
  • Hair Making
  • Photography
  • Web Development
  • Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Equip yourself with relevant & rewarding skill as you embark on you career journey

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