Our Subsidiaries


We are an integrated media communications company that offers a wide range of world class media solutions from Television production, Audio Production, publication of articles and online real estate.

Lashone Communications Limited embodies the core values of Integrity, Teamwork, Innovation, Accountability, and an environment of Success.


LASHONE LINKS PROPERTY LIMITED, is positioned as a real estate development Engineering firm incorporated under the company and allied matter act (CAMA) 1990 with noticeable activities in real estate development, investment, management, sales and marketing syndications. We are structured in such a way as to be able to deliver top-of-the –range products/services to our clients at pocket friendly prices.

At Lashone, we run a one stop shop for our clients’ housing requirement, from land acquisition, approval infrastructure, and construction to the financing.

The Company has team of qualified professionals who have acquired in various forms of Engineering; Civil Constructions, Mechanical, Electrical and Estate Development projects.


Lashone Farms Limited is registered under The Federal Republic of Nigeria Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990 on the 22nd day of December, 2015. Lashone Farms Limited, Agbara is sited on 31 acres of land, with 29 acres for crop production (Cassava and Maize Cultivation) and 2 acres for animal production (Poultry, Fisheries, Piggery, Grasscutter, Rabbitry, Quail, Turkey).

It serves the immediate market and residents of Agbara as a reliable protein/meat provider to complement their daily meals

Business School

Lashone Links Business School is a Lagos based Institution that offers series of entrepreneurship programs and currently, we have five areas of interest we are focused on. This is aimed at providing budding entrepreneurs with high quality general management skills relevant to Nigeria business environment.
The school offers courses that expose and builds individual basic knowledge on how to start up their own business, improve and finance a new business, marketing strategies, sales and risk management, administration and customer relationship.

It provides education relevant to Nigeria business environment which aims at improving the practice of entrepreneurship and employment in Nigeria. The pedagogical tools to be used in the training complements our case-study method, lectures, discussion, group session and presentation.
We train staff in leadership training to help develop practical strategies for establishing, promoting and sustaining change in organizations. We seek to develop the mindset and skills require to leading effectively and getting immediate benefit in productivity which has helped in their level of customer satisfaction, analyzing business system, maintaining ethical and professional behavior, identifying risk and improving the standard of the organization and staff.


We recruit qualified able bodied men and women with tested integrity into our Training Academy.  Our recruits are subjected to professional training in security techniques and methodology.

Our personnel are put under periodical observational training in politeness and courtesy, human relations and interaction, including corporate and organisational ethics.

Our guards are well equipped and trained in modern technology and all kinds of communication and security equipment including arms, when required.  We also have a Management Team which is comprised of professionals who are well exposed and experienced in security services.


Lashone Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service is a professional company that provides a means for us to keep our garments and wears in the best shape. Over the past four years, we have been able to satisfy our customers with effective high quality laundry services using sophisticated and the best equipment to ensure that your garments of any fabric can be properly taken care of.
Our laundering and dry cleaning services understands the additional problem associated with personally taking care of your own laundries with work, meetings and family sometimes occupying a large chunk of our everyday lives, this is why our staff made up of experts in the field are dedicated to wash, dry clean and fold your clothes to suit your style and make your life easy.

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