Dr. Lanre Akanni Shonekan, The MD, C.E.O. Lashone Group

However, an idea is just an idea; something intangible, until its put to work in the form of execution. The process of execution as simple as it sounds is the brainbox of any functional enterprise. Everything we see around us is a product of someone’s idea. The world itself is a product of The Supreme Being.

Dr. Lanre Akanni Shonekan, The MD, C.E.O. Lashone Group

Lashone Group is also a product of an idea orchestrated and well thought out with high phronesis in planning and execution. Often a lot of us wish to associate with success, we dream success we long for success, but how many have the courage, audacity, and temerity to chase success with its encumbrances?

Allow me to introduce a man who stands as a model in this regard, the man of the moment; Dr. Lanre Akanni Shonekan, The MD C.E.O. Lashone Group. An astute businessman, with proven acumen and prowess, in theory, and practice. His success has been proven in the business world and as a family man. He is the wonderful husband of Mrs. Lizzy Shonekan, and the proud father of two adorable kids; Oluwatobiloba Shonekan and Ifeoluwa Shonekan.

Dr. Lanre Akanni Shonekan, The MD, C.E.O. Lashone Group

His intelligibility in the business world spans beyond a decade of practical entrepreneurial skill, experience and work, which produced Lashone Group, with about Ten (10) subsidiaries as a witness of his strength and skill to this effect.

Join us as we celebrate the Golden Jubilee of an iconic personality, with an aura of sophistication and charisma.

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